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demolitionHere you will find information about NuLeAF policy and activities. NuLeAF seeks to build capacity within local government to engage effectively with nuclear legacy management and works to represent the views of member local authorities to national bodies.

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Geological disposal

Government has published the National Policy Statement for Geological Disposal Infrastructure.   NuLeAF will be preparing a Briefing Paper on this and the Working with Communities policy.  You can find more information on the 'Siting a Geological Disposal Facility' page of our website.  

NuLeAF Steering Group meeting

The next meeting of the NuLeAF Steering Group will take place on Tuesday, 3rd September, 11.00 - 3.00 at Leaf, 113-115 Portland Street Manchester.  Members wishing to attend the meeting should contact the secretariat.   The afternoon discussion will be on the development of guidance for planners on in-situ disposal of radioactive waste.