Welcome to the NuLeAF website

demolitionHere you will find information about NuLeAF policy and activities. NuLeAF seeks to build capacity within local government to engage effectively with nuclear legacy management and works to represent the views of member local authorities to national bodies.

Changes to management structure at Sellafield

On 13 January, the Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change announced changes to the management structure at Sellafield.  The current arrangement with the Nuclear Management Partners who act as Parent Body Organisation for the site will terminate in 2016 and the site will move back under the management of NDA.  You can read NDA's Briefing to Stakeholders on their website.

Community Representation Working Group

DECC has established a Community Representation Working Group (CRWG) to help determine how issues including local government and community representation and the management of community investment funds are made in relation to plans for a Geological Disposal Facility. NuLeaF’s Executive Director, Philip Matthews, has been invited to join the group which will meet throughout 2015. Wider engagement with local government and others is also planned.  

Geological Disposal Facility

As part of the stakeholder engagement process, Radioactive Waste Management are organising a number of workshops to discuss the national geological screening exercise.  RWM met with members of NuLeAF's Radioactive Waste Planning Group on 10 December and you can view the presentation slides here. You can also find the regional summaries produced by the British Geological Survey here. NuLeAF would be happy to provide impartial advice and information, formally or informally.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.  We have also published a draft Briefing Paper which sets out the core issues in the White Paper and NuLeAF's initial views.