Seminar reports and presentations

2015 Seminar Programme

On 30 September 2015, NuLeAF held a seminar at Local Government House, Smith Square, London entitled Radioactive Waste Management: making communities heard. Presentations were given by Sara Johnston, Head of Strategy Development at NDA on the draft Strategy III, and by Bruce Cairns, Head of Geological Disposal at DECC on the GDF siting process.

Seminar report, September 2015

NuLeAF seminar, presentation by NDA, draft Strategy 3

NuLeAF seminar, presentation by DECC, Geologica Disposal of Higher Activity Wastes

2014 Seminar Programme

On 16 June 2014, NuLeAF held a seminar at Local Government House, Smith Square, London on Radioactive Waste Management and Regulation. A wide variety of topics were covered: Dr Juliet Long of the Environment Agency spoke on their role in assessing the Environmental Safety Case for the Low Level Waste Repository; Dr Kulvinder McDonald spoke on the Office for Nuclear Regulation’s role in regulating nuclear licensed sites; Dr Stephen Willmott spoke on the optimisation studies for the storage of Intermediate Level Waste and treatment of Fule Element Debris; Dr Gene Wilson spoke on the role of Augean in radioactive waste management; Dave Loudon of NDA gave an overview of the review of the Low Level Waste Strategy, and Colin Mackie spoke on the development of the UK Strategy for the management of NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material).

Seminar report, July 2014

NuLeAF seminar 2014, information sources

NuLeAF seminar, presentation by the Environment Agency, environmental permitting and radioactive waste management

NuLeAF seminar, presentation by ONR, on-site storage and regulation of radioactive waste management.

NuLeAF seminar, presentation by Magnox, Intermediate Level Waste storage and Fuel Element Debris treatment optimisation.

NuLeAF seminar, presentation by Augean Ltd, landfill management of Low Activity Low Level Waste

NuLeAF seminar, presentation by NDA, Low Level Waste Strategy review.

NuLeAF seminar, presentation by DECC, UK draft NORM Strategy

NuLeAF seminar, presentation by NuLeAF, regulation, strategy and stakeholder engagement.

2013 Seminar Programme

On 12 March 2013, NuLeAF held a seminar at Local Government House, Smith Square, London on Radioactive Waste Management and Spatial Planning.

Speakers included Rob Murfin from the Planning Officers Society and Mark Plummer from DCLG on dealing with radioactive waste issues in planning policy and addressing the Duty to Co-operate in Local Plans.  Dave Rossiter of LLWR Ltd spoke on the Low Activity Low Level Radioactive Waste capacity gap analysis.  Their presentations are below along with a list of useful information sources.

Seminar report, March 2013

Information sources, NuLeAF 2013 seminar

Presentation, LLWR Ltd, LA-LLW capacity gap analysis, March 2013

Presentation, Planning Officers Society, Radioactive Waste Issues in Planning, March 2013

Presentation, DCLG, Planning and Radioactive Waste, March 2013

2009 Seminar Programme

NuLeAF organised a series of seminars in May 2009 to discuss key aspects of draft national strategies on the management of Low Level Radioactive Wastes (LLW).  The report of the seminar can be viewed below along with the presentations given by the speakers.

Seminar Report, May 2009

Presentation, Environment Agency, Regulation of LLW management, May 2009

Presentation, NDA, UK nuclear industry Low Level Waste Strategy, May 2009

Presentation, DECC, Proposed UK Strategy for the management of solid radioactive waste from the non-nuclear industry, May 2009