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demolitionHere you will find information about NuLeAF policy and activities. NuLeAF seeks to build capacity within local government to engage effectively with nuclear legacy management and works to represent the views of member local authorities to national bodies.

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Steering Group meeting

The next meeting of NuLeAF's Steering Group will take place online on 9th December, 10.00 - 15.00.  The meeting is open to elected members officers from all member authorities.  If you wish to participate please contact catherine.draper@nuleaf.org.uk.  The meeting will include an update on progress of the Magnox decommissioning programme and a discussion on near-surface disposal of radioactive waste.

First GDF Working Group

The Copeland Working Group has been set up to discuss whether their area would be suitable for the geological disposal facility.  This is the first stage of the consent based process which will engage with the community to seek its views.  It is worth noting that the area of the national park has already been ruled out.