As part of its remit to inform the local government community about issues of relevance and interest in the field of radioactive waste management and nuclear decommissioning, NuLeAF periodically runs a seminar, inviting expert speakers from government and industry.

Previous seminars have addressed topics such as the Radioactive Waste Management and Regulation, Duty to Cooperate, the Capacity Gap for disposal of Low Activity Low Level Radioactive Waste, and Key Aspects of Draft National Strategies on the Management of Low Level Radioactive Wastes.  Presentations and reports from all previous seminars can be found in the Document Library.

The 2015 seminar was held on 30 September at Local Government House, Smith Square, London. The topics for discussion were NDA Strategy III and the Geological Disposal Facility siting process, with a focus on community issues.  A report on the seminar is available below.

NuLeAF seminar, presentation by NDA, draft Strategy 3

NuLeAF seminar, presentation by DECC, Geologica Disposal of Higher Activity Wastes

Seminar report, September 2015

NuLeAF Seminar 2015 flyer

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