Other meetings

From time to time Nuleaf organises standalone meetings to address specific topics of interests to its members, and also participates in meetings and seminars organised by other organisations.  Presentations and notes of these are posted below.

Consultation on the review of UK radioactive waste management and nuclear decommissioning policy, March 2023
Review of NDA’s Local Economic & Social Impact Strategy, March 2023
Meeting with ONR to discuss security issues, February 2023
Note of Meeting with ONR February 2023
Nuclear Communities Forum (USA) 2022

Our Chair, Cllr David Moore, participated in an online forum in April 2022. looking at how knowledge can be shared between nuclear host communities.  A synopsis of the discussion is available on the Smart Growth America website.

Meeting on AGR decommissioning, February 2022
Meeting of Nuleaf Welsh member authorities, September 2021
Meeting to discuss UKAEA STEP programme (Fusion), January 2021

Note of the meeting

Meeting with Rolls Royce to discuss Small Modular Reactors, October 2020
Meeting with Magnox Ltd and Dorset County Council on Masterplanning at Winfrith