Submarine Dismantling Project

reactor_pic-uThe Ministry of Defence has been seeking a solution for the management of the radioactive waste produced from the dismantling of 27 decommissioned Royal Navy nuclear submarines.  It established a Submarine Dismantling Project (SDP) Advisory Group of which NuLeAF was a member, to provide independent review, advice and challenge to the project.

In 2014 MOD announced the shortlist of proposed sites for the storage of the Reactor Pressure Vessels which are categorised as Intermediate Level Waste.  A public consultation and series of stakeholder events were held and the final choice was announced in summer 2016.  From a shortlist of five sites, URENCO Capenhurst was chosen as the preferred site, with AWE Aldermaston in reserve, should investigation prove the Capenhurst site unsuitable.

NuLeAF will continue to monitor the project as issues around transport of the Reactor Pressure Vessels to Capenhurst, and eventually to the Geological Disposal Facility will remain of interest to its membership.
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