Privacy Notice

1. The categories of information we collect, process and hold

In order to provide services to its members, and to work with other relevant organisations, Nuleaf collects, processes and holds the following information:

  • Name
  • Job title
  • Employing authority
  • Work address
  • Work telephone number
  • Work email address

2. Reason for gathering and holding this information

Nuleaf uses the data it gathers to:

  • supply members, and others who request to be notified, with information on radioactive waste management and nuclear decommissioning in the UK and abroad;
  • send members meeting invitations;
  • send members e-bulletins and other news alerts; and
  • maintain contact with relevant staff in organisations appropriate to Nuleaf’s work.

3. The lawful basis on which we collect this information

We collect this information under the ‘Consent’ basis of Article 6 of the GPDR: that you have given Nuleaf clear consent for us to process your data for a specific purpose.

4. Collecting this information

All information collected by Nuleaf is provided voluntarily.

5. Storing this information

Nuleaf’s data is held on Suffolk County Councils servers (Nuleaf’s host authority). We hold the information until either we are made aware that you have left your post with the authority, or you ask us to remove your data.  To have your data removed please email

6. Who we share this information with?

Nuleaf does not share data with any external body.

7. Requesting access to your data

Under data protection legislation, individuals have a right to request access to information about them that we hold.  To make a request for your personal information email

April 2018